Clerking at Rice Law: by Blair Beaty

My boss, Mr. Rice, grew up around his father’s general practice and saw cases ranging from insurance claims, to malpractice, and, of course, divorce. In today’s world of law, however, the general practice is on the decline. The most obvious reason for this is that a specialized firm is, simply put, just better.

Let’s take family law, for example. When it comes to divorce, there are several advantages in hiring an attorney who specializes in family law.

First, the level of expertise that a specialized family law attorney brings to the court room is most likely unmatchable to an attorney at a general practice. The family law attorney has probably taken specific courses in (and out of) school directed at the practice of family law. They see cases day in and day out regarding one topic: divorce. These attorneys eat, sleep, and breath family law. Would you hire

Secondly, as mentioned before, the family law attorney sees divorce cases everyday. This allows the attorney to build objectivity and maintain an emotional detachment from your case. Don’t get me wrong, the attorney will definitely care about and respect your situation. However, maintaining their cool and calm composure will allow them to “see the forest through the trees” and ultimately achieve the best outcome for you. No one wants their attorney sobbing louder than them in a courtroom.

Thirdly, a firm specialized in family law will be extremely efficient in that field. The attorney will know the exact steps that must be taken and will be able to anticipate any problems. The attorney will be able to streamline a process that is already difficult and get you through it as quick as possible.

Lastly, the family law attorney will be familiar with the judges, court clerks, and other local divorce attorneys. The familiarity will speed the process along and possibly give you insight into the workings of your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s attorney.