Clerking at Rice Law: by Chelsea Conn

One of the interesting aspects of Family Law is an attorney’s role as counselor. This was the very situation I witnessed last week. Family Law attorneys don’t just work for their client toward a solution in a financial way, but they can help heal their clients in an emotional way, as well. Consider a client who may recount a history of abuse and infidelity. This client would have a difficult time keeping composure because of the hurt and years of distress. By listening and empathizing with a client, a Family Law attorney can be a comfort to their clients emotionally.

The ability to pay attention to the emotions of a client and counsel them on the next steps of the divorce process in a way that a client can fully understand is a very important quality to have as a Family Law attorney. Many other types of law can be far less emotional. However, I enjoy Family Law because as an attorney in this field you are able encourage and create a close bond with your client.