FOR ALL ATTORNEYS READING THIS BLOG: Suggestions or Improvements?

Our system is based on not only my experience and my father’s experience, it is also based on all of the lawyers who have made suggestions. This includes both national and international attorneys.

I am re-doing my Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents.

I am requesting suggestions, improvements, better forms or even inappropriate comments. Unfortunately, the formatting of this blog will not allow me to attach .pdf or Word documents. So for a copy of my most current form of my Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents, contact Kristin Campbell at

My goal is that this form be the best that it can be.

Once we have that, I will be glad to share my final form with anyone who contributes as well as with anyone who asks for a copy.

It will also appear in the upcoming 25th anniversary edition of The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice.
Look for its release in the summer of 2012 at a theater near you!

Thank you for your help.