When you prove something in court, you must have legally admissible proof. Most proof comes from witnesses. If you are proceeding on grounds, you need to have corroboration (support) of your proof, even if your spouse is not disputing the grounds. Corroboration usually means two other witnesses. In a contested case you may need more than two witnesses. We can issue a subpoena for witnesses if you request it and give us their names and addresses. The subpoena will help the witnesses get off work to appear in court. If the subpoenaed witnesses do not appear in court, you can usually have the case put off until you can get them to appear in court.

An expert witness is a witness who has training or expertise that makes the witness’ opinion valuable to the court. Psychologists, accountants, and doctors are often expert witnesses. Expert witnesses must be paid for the time they spend in preparation and at trial.

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