Client Reviews

“I came to Rice, Amundsen & Caperton, PLLC for my divorce last year. Mr. Rice is a very nice man. He is knowledgable and loves helping people. Erin spent a long time discussing my situation with me and helped me to understand. They worked closely with me to help me understand everything that was going on in my case and were readily available to answer any questions that I had. I really appreciate all their hard work and I would highly recommend Rice Law to anyone looking for legal advice!” -Ran Gao

“Larry Rice and Erin O’Dea are excellent attorneys. They helped me through my divorce and were extremely compassionate while doing so. They always made time for me and made me feel like a priority.” -Nancy

“Larry Rice literally rescued me at the courthouse one day. He helped me navigate through a difficult divorce with crazy paperwork and a harsh judge. He was so kind and compassionate. He was very knowledgeable. I never would have made it without him. I would recommend him to anyone!” -Dawn Hicks

“I would like to extend my appreciation to all the staff of Rice, Amundsen and Caperton, PLLC. It was nice talking to Atty Larry Rice and Atty Jessica. They were so helpful and supportive in processing my documents in timely manner. It was a great experience.” -MT

“As an attorney who has interacted with attorneys on a daily basis for more than fifteen years, I was so impressed with the hard work and enormous amount of time Nick and Jessica spent on my case!  Nick made every effort to work out my case at the lowest cost and time possible.  However, when my ex-husband failed to negotiate, Nick was ready without hesitation to fight on my behalf. Nick and Jessica were always available to respond to my questions or concerns.  Not only were they extremely prepared for court but they also  ensured that I too was prepared for court.  I felt as though I was in the best hands throughout the process.  I so appreciate the way I was treated by everyone at the Rice firm! I, also,  am so grateful for the care that they took with my case.  I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Nick Rice to anyone in need of an attorney for divorce or child custody/ support issues.” Angie, a divorce client

“When one requires the services of a Family Law attorney, they are often at the lowest part of their life. My divorce and ensuing custody fight were far more than business transactions. They were personal. I can point to my relationship with Larry Rice as the turning point in that period of my life. Larry took time to get to know me personally as he learned about the ins and outs of my case. My desires for my life became his desires. My love and concern for my children became his concern. Larry put effort into my case the same as he would as if he were fighting for the future of his own children. Not once did I ever feel like ‘just a client’. I was always far more. Larry and his entire staff were always attentive to my needs, always put my best interests first, and most of all, fought diligently for me. My burden became theirs. Larry Rice and his able team took that low point of my life and transformed it into a turning point, for me and my children. My friendship exists with him today.” Scott, a divorce client

“Mr. Larry Rice, was there for me when unfortunately I had a disruption in the trust of my marriage and I needed not only advice but an attorney that would listen to my case. Larry Rice, really listened to my concerns attentively, he did not judge me or ridicule my situation. Larry listened to me and advised me well to help the process through my divorce to be a transition not of horror or chaos; but, with guided compassion and professional concern and care. I am grateful that I had Larry to help me through that challenging period of my personal life. Larry was so instrumental that the proceedings of my divorce did not harm my medical practice.

As mentioned previously, Larry Rice in my humble and professional opinion is one of the best attorneys in the Memphis area. I know firsthand because he was the best attorney for my personal situation and for that I am grateful. I recommend Mr. Larry Rice without hesitation as one of the best divorce attorneys that can help you and your family if his services are ever needed in your life.”
Dr. John E. Bell, a Divorce client

“To say this man is a brilliant attorney would be a gross understatement. Keen instincts, in innate understanding of the human psyche, and his ever adaptive strategies give him an extraordinary edge. He clearly intimidates opposition. If you are looking for representation that will afford you limitless possibilities, unwavering support, and a calming sense of control during a most tumultuous time, then the clear choice is Larry Rice.”
Elizabeth Holman

“As a client, I can definitely say that Larry Rice has exceeded my expectations, which are high. Larry delivers results utilizing his expertise and tenure of experience with his deep knowledge of the legal process. Being extremely personable allows him to handle tough situations with ease and his clients with compassion. His team, from the receptionist to his peers, embrace you as family which is exactly what I needed when I was in the deepest pit of the divorce. Choosing Larry Rice to represent me was the best choice I have made!!!”
Kathryn Wiggs

“Larry’s knowledge and experience in Tennessee divorce law is unequaled. If you want your divorce handled right go to Larry Rice first. He will give you the facts about where your case stands and always gives you the best options to work with. I cannot say enough good things about Larry and his colleagues. They treat their clients with respect and dignity during the most trying and emotional times.”
Bob, a Divorce client

“Several years ago I contracted Larry to advise me on a difficult, deteriorating marriage for which there seemed no solution. My spouse had some serious physical and mental issues which could have been an overwhelming minefield for the average attorney. Larry guided me through the process to reach an acceptable out of court settlement, which was absolute Godsend for my particular case. His services are not cheap, but they are worth every penny. I called Larry and I’m glad I did.”
Carl, a Divorce client

“Larry Rice handled my divorce the way that I wanted it handled. I wanted to work out a settlement that would not leave me enemies with my ex but would still protect my interests in my 23 year marriage. He advised what I should do from a lawyer’s point of view but in the end allowed me the freedom to make unconventional choices. Because of this Larry Rice is considered our family lawyer and this includes my ex-husband and our children. They feel like family. They have been through the darkest times in our lives (including a child custody fight with our son and grandchild). We walk into his office with a heavy heart and walk out knowing we have the best on our side! I recommend his entire office and staff to anyone needing legal help.”
Leanne, a Family client

“Larry is great working with, what makes him a better Attorney is the fact that he understand the human factor. He understood my difficult situation and was concerned about me as a person and not a pay check, and gave me wonderful advice. I hope I never need a attorney, but if I do, I will only call Larry Rice.”
Tony Neely

“Understandably I was nervous and scared when I started my divorce proceedings, but Mr. Rice was so kind and patient that soon my fears abated. He explained every little step and guided me through that difficult time, giving me solid, sensible advice all the while. I hope I never need another divorce attorney, but if I do, Larry Rice is the one.”
Mary, a Divorce client

“Definitely the best choice for my unexpected divorce. I would recommend him or anyone in his firm! They are a tremendous team and wonderful to work with. During difficult times, they can be trusted to help you make the best decisions for your future. Without any doubt, Larry has helped me rebuild my life.”
Wendy, a Divorce client

“Larry is simply the best divorce lawyer in the business. His team of attorneys and paralegals make sure that their clients are well informed and taken care of on a daily basis. They get results and make even difficult divorces come to a conclusion quickly and smoothly.”
Robert LaBonia

“Mr. Rice is a very professional and employs a highly trained team of assistants who both assist him and keep the paperwork flowing to a quick conclusion of my case. Easy to contact if I/you have a question and is very knowledgeable as to how the case will proceed through the courts.”
Larry, a Divorce client

“Being a naive trusting kind of guy, I was getting eviscerated by my soon to be ex-wife. My kids were in danger of moving away across the Country. Mr. Rice steps in and exposes the facts about this woman who is claiming to be the victim. It was all a very ugly situation. Mr. Rice was always poised, polite, and sharp throughout the evolution. The end result has been that my kids have spent at least half the time with me and eight years later we’re looking at two well rounded Christians and College Scholarships for my oldest who graduates this year. Mr. Rice is not only an excellent lawyer, he is a good friend. Without his help I would have never been able to raise my children.”
Russell, a Divorce client

“Mr. Rice is an attorney of honor and integrity. I am being treated with respect and compassion. This is new to me. My previous attorneys have treated me with contempt and no respect. Mr. Rice and his team have treated me, as all clients, should be treated. They have done their job and kept me informed as to the status of my case. I feel as if I am their only client. Mr. Rice is my David to the Goliath of our divorce litigation. He is a man of courage, honor, and integrity. I have been treated with respect and compassion. He has protected and defended me. I highly recommend him. He has restored my faith in our legal system.”
Joan, a Divorce client

“As a client, Mr. Rice and his staff provided superlative knowledge and guidance, with not only my best interest in mind, but more importantly, that of my child. With results far beyond expectations, I can attest to Mr. Rice and staff’s organized handling of what are always emotional and difficult times in the client’s life.”
Larry Hensley

“It is not fun going through a divorce! “However when I didn’t think I could stand GOD and the Rice Law Firm carried me through this tuff time.” The whole law firm makes you feel better about everything by taking you under their wing and making you feel like a part of the family! They will fight for you because they believe in you and would like to make this hard time easier. If you are wrong they will tell you. However if you are right they will FIGHT for you in every way they can. Three years ago I didn’t think I would make it through it. GOD and the Rice Law Firm believed in me enough that I am stronger today than ever! “I not only call them my Law Firm I now call them my FRIENDS!” Tina Crow Jordan

“I cannot express my gratitude and complete satisfaction of a job well done from such a brilliant and caring team as the Rice Divorce Firm. They are indeed top notch and will beat your every expectation!” Jennifer Roberts

“Rice Divorce Team goes above and beyond what is required. They are a great group of people who model integrity at every turn. You could not ask for a better team than this to represent you.” Jane Thompson Hasenmueller

“These people are my family and friends. I see them work their hardest to help change people’s lives every day.” Sharon Jackson Beard

“Amazing group of folks!” Melissa Cook Pope

“Very professional and hard working attorneys.” Kara Leigh Jamison

“Very knowledgeable group of attorneys.” Tom Coupé

“Rice Divorce is a great group!” Katy Denton Sanford

“Dedicated and hard-working!” Cathy Draper

“Exceptional work. Their reputation speaks for itself. They are complete class acts!” Katie Allbritten

“You get what you pay for. Nick Rice is excellent.” Craig Ward

“Fantastic law firm! So professional!” Hollie Gardner

“Best Divorce Attorneys!!” Ashley Riggs Kwon

Peer Reviews

“Mr. Rice is an exceptional attorney. I have been an attorney for 24 years and served as a judge, magistrate, prosecutor, law professor, and private attorney. However, even with all of that experience, I learn from his answers on Avvo each and every day. If you have the chance, hire him in an instant.”
Christopher Leroi, Business Attorney

“Mr. Larry Rice is the attorney other experienced family law attorneys from around the country turn to for advice, insight, and guidance. He is a strong advocate for his clients – and yes, he did in fact write the book on divorce law.”
Clyde Bailey, Divorce / Separation Lawyer

“Why do I heartily endorse this lawyer? Because he is a true advocate for his clients. He informs his clients, protects and defends their interests and obtains the best possible results. He is well versed in Domestic Relations law, has lectured to professional bar associations on the subject, and has published a legal treatise which is in common usage among law practitioners. He is known to be among the best lawyers in his field, if not the leader. I have known him for almost 30 years and he enjoys a stellar reputation here among Memphis and Mid-South lawyers.”
Rehim Babaoglu, Immigration Attorney

“Okay, I am going to use the corny old cliché here because it fits: this guy “wrote the book” on divorce law. The book just about every lawyer in Tennessee relies upon. Everybody in the legal community knows that anybody represented by Mr. Rice is well-represented.”
Jere Ownby, Family Law Attorney

“I am one of many lawyers who has traveled across the state to attend a Larry Rice seminar. His expertise in divorce law is recognized by attorneys far beyond his local practice area. I endorse this lawyer without reservation.”
Donna Green, Divorce / Separation Lawyer

“I endorse this lawyer without reservation. Highest character and integrity.”
Larry Bray, Estate Planning Attorney

“I had the privilege of working for Larry as his law clerk while I was in law school and I have considered him to be my mentor and friend ever since. Larry’s skills as an attorney are widely admired. He is an expert in litigation and domestic relations law. Ask any Memphis lawyer to name the top family law attorneys in this city and Larry will be on everyone’s short list.”
Mary Yarbrough, Divorce / Separation Lawyer

“I endorse this lawyer as one of the best divorce lawyers in the legal community. Few people run a tight ship and give the attention to cases like Larry Rice. Clients cannot go wrong with his representation.”
Taurus Bailey, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Larry Rice is the go to lawyer for Tennessee. He is a lawyer’s lawyer….I take every opportunity I can get to hear Larry speak and present at seminars. He wrote the book on Divorce in Tennessee and I would recommend him without reservation.”
Charlotte Christian, Child Custody Lawyer

“Larry is a one of the most informative, down-to-earth, and entertaining speakers with whom I have had the pleasure of co-teaching. He obviously perceives the world as it is, and uses that grasp of law and life for the benefit of his clients.”
Marshal Willick, Family Law Attorney

“Larry has been both a friend and a mentor in building my law practice. His CLE should be a requirement for any family law practitioner. We constantly use practice points from his seminar in our day to day operations. He is an outstanding lawyer, and a skilled litigator. I value his advice and his friendship. If my wife ever wises up, I’m certain I will be giving him a call.”
William Jones, Divorce / Separation Lawyer

“Larry has earned a well deserved reputation as being one of the top lawyers in Memphis. In the event that I’m not able to represent someone due to conflicts or other issues I always give them a list of other attorneys to contact. For complicated divorce matters Larry is always on that list.”
Jami Ferrell, Divorce / Separation Lawyer

“Larry Rice has been co-counsel and mentor for many years. He is nationally recognized as an expert on Family Law and is a wonderful resource for advice on the law and how to use it to the client’s advantage. Litigation strategy is his forte and his practice style is sharp. I recommend him without reservation.”
Virginia Schwamm, Family Law Attorney

“I have known Larry Rice for about ten years. I first met him when we were co-presenters at a continuing legal education seminar. I have also attended a number of seminars given by Mr. Rice. He is a very engaging, very smart individual. He is a credit to the legal community.”
Lucinda Albiston, Family Law Attorney

“I have worked as a mediator with Larry for many of his divorces. Being the mediator gives me an opportunity to witness the attorney, not only as he relates to his client but also watch how he relates to his opposing attorney and the other client. Larry has a reputation for being a incredibly successful litigator but everyone should also be aware of his ability to successfully negotiate settlements on behalf of his clients. He is always respectful and calm. Larry is confident, prepared and is reassuring to his clients. I enjoy working with Larry because he respects and believes in the process of mediation and its ability to help his clients work through many of their issues and come to a resolution without incurring the costs of litigation.”
Sheree Hoffman, Divorce / Separation Lawyer

“Larry is the most clever lawyer I know. He is professional, smart and aggressive when needed. If I lived in Memphis and needed a lawyer, he would be my top choice.”
Randy Kessler, Past Chair, ABA Family Law Section, Family Law Atty

“Larry is honest and direct. He’s my “go to” guy on any kind of TN family law issue!”
Edward Kainen, Owner at KAINEN LAW GROUP, PLLC

“Larry and I have worked on cases together and I have attended and been a presenter at his seminars. There is not a finer attorney in domestic relations in the country and his seminars are the best you can attend.”
Mark Donahoe, Shareholder at Hardee Martin & Donahoe

“Larry is very proficient in his legal expertise and practical knowledge. He has worked with me on numerous occasions for me and my clients. I have found that in addition to the above to be very well organized and very punctual in completing work that he has performed for me and my clients.”
Randy Garner, Owner at Allmeroth, Garner and Fly

“I have known Larry Rice for 7 years. He is not only an excellent family law attorney but an excellent lecturer/educator in the field of family law. He literally wrote the “book” on divorce. I have worked with him as an expert witness and as a co-educator in continuing legal education. Larry is personable, creative, and highly trustworthy. He is a true practitioner of his craft.”
Kelly Dobbins, President, Mid-South Drug Testing, Inc.

“Larry is a vastly experienced and capable Family Law practitioner. He is an expert in his field. He is a sought after lawyer, speaker and resource for all things Domestic Relations related. I endorse this lawyer.”
William Thompson, Family Law Attorney

“Mr. Rice has an outstanding reputation and the experience to back it up. He is well respected in our community in the area of family law.”
Jeffrey Germany, Personal Injury Lawyer

CLE Reviews

“If you only attend one seminar this year, make sure it includes Larry Rice as a presenter. I have attended several of his presentations over the past 10 years and am always amazed how many pointers/practice tips I take away from each seminar. I have even taken my entire staff to his classes. He is truly an expert in the Divorce Law area.”
Karen Quinlan

“Larry and I have worked on cases together and I have attended and been a presenter at his seminars. There is not a finer attorney in domestic relations in the country and his seminars are the best you can attend.”
Mark Donahoe, Shareholder at Hardee Martin & Donahoe

“Larry’s CLE programs deliver a fantastic combination of important and useful information, solid advice, and entertainment. If you have never attended one of his lectures, treat yourself. You won’t regret it.”
Steve Anderson, Owner at J. Steven Anderson Law Firm, PLLC

“Larry Rice is a dedicated attorney. He is always professional, hard-working, and ethical. As a professional coordinator, it was my privilege to know and work with Larry from 1987 to 2006. He always kept his listeners entertained with his great sense of humor and his skilled speaking ability. Because of his stellar performance, he always earned the highest evaluation marks and the many repeat attendees.”
Carol Rysticken

“Having attended Larry’s seminars in Honolulu, Las Vegas and Tunica and incorporated many of his innovative ideas into my family law practice has greatly helped me in assisting my clients. A law practice is like any business which in this day and age must constantly strive to evolve. Larry’s many practice tips will give you a valuable edge professionally, as well as making the practice of law more satisfying and fulfilling.”
Blake Okimoto, Senior Counsel at Blake T. Okimoto, AAL, ALC

“I never knew a CLE could be motivational. Larry’s CLE was life changing for my practice and permanently changed the way we do business. If the advice isn’t enough, his book is worth the price of admission alone. We had to remove a child from a home last week and I didn’t have a form to use, I look in Larry’s book and there is a petition for a writ of habeas corpus on a child…, he has thought of it all. Two houses later I’ve got a signed order and a happy client. I would highly recommend his CLE for anyone starting out, needing a refresher or anyone burnt out that needs some renewed enthusiasm.”
William Jones IV, Owner at The Jones Law Firm

“Better than I ever expected and I expected a lot.”
Larry Clayton Vaughan

“Insightful and entertaining, don’t miss the Larry show!”
Candy Engle Bert

“Inspiring and attention- grabbing throughout the seminar. Awesome!”
Jill Grim

“Dynamic, entertaining, informative!”
Teresa Patton

“Whether you have practiced for 1 or 25 years, this is the seminar to attend.”
David Garrett

“It’s all applicable to actual practice, even the jokes.”
Catherine L. Akin

“Larry Rice inspires me to be effective, efficient, and educated about practicing law in a fun and satisfying way. Truly the best divorce seminar there is.”
Stephanie S. Heckman

“Dynamic! Informative. Useful. Worth every penny.”
Joshua V. Lindsey

“Always entertaining!”
Michael Goodin

“Dynamic and informative. Most unique seminar I have attended and gave a lot of practical advice.”
Kimberly Cross Sheilds

As a paralegal, I heard that CLE Seminars are enjoyable only if you have a great speaker. Larry Rice is excellent speaker and this is an awesome experience.”
Jessica Bronsink

“Last year I made a life changing career move motivated by your presentation and it worked.”
Susan S. Chambers

“A seminar that will grab you from the beginning and take you on a divorce seminar thrill ride.”
David C. Risner

“BEST CLE EVER” is an understatement. Truly amazing experience. Thanks Larry!”
Edwin Bradford Henderson

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