Money is different things to different people. To some, it’s a way to keep score. To others, it’s being able to pay for groceries. In a divorce case, financial issues can be measured in dollars and cents. Those dollars and cents may be pre-taxed IRA dollars, tax-free equity in a house, taxable alimony, or non-taxable property division. A dollar may be worth more or less than 100 cents depending on the way it is characterized and transferred.

Divorce is a difficult time. Thinking about financial matters may be stressful to you but attention to financial issues may make a big difference in your post-divorce life.


This information is not a substitute for a lawyer.
Do not try to use this information as a do-it-yourself divorce guide.
The information it contains may not be appropriate
for your particular situation.
If you attempt to use this information instead of hiring a lawyer,
you are setting yourself up for a
potential disaster of epic proportions.

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