If you have not done so already, start looking for evidence. Check desk drawers, safety deposit boxes, bank boxes, or other places where documents might be hidden. This is a good time to visit with your family banker, stockbroker, or accountant to discuss the family financial situation, although you may not want to tell them about the divorce.

You need to supply me with copies of the following documents:

Prenuptial agreement;

Income tax returns;

Financial statements (these are most often filed when borrowing money and are very important);

Employment contracts or any explanations of benefits from you or your spouse’s work;

Canceled checks and charge records;

Retirement plans, including IRAs;


Real estate tax bills or appraisals;

Insurance policies including life insurance, medical insurance, health insurance, or homeowner’s insurance;

Bank accounts and bank statements;

Safety deposit boxes (you will want the bank to verify and inventory if possible);


Partnership agreements, corporations, or other documents showing any business interests;

Any inheritance or trust interests;

Wills by you or your spouse;

Any written agreements or notes between you and your spouse;

Any evidence you have such as photographs or letters.

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